I am Journal Workshop

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Begins; Saturday 8th October. 9.30 – 2.30 pm

Course includes vegetarian lunch.


A  creative, therapeutic journey held over 12 sessions.

Are you stuck ?    Confused ?  

Struggling with knowing who you are or what you want ?

This intensive course aims to offer each participant time, space and reassurance to delve within and explore who they are – and gives an opportunity to change and realise who they want to be.  As a small group (no more than 8 people), we will hold a safe, confidential space for experimentation.

As a psychotherapist, I am always playing in therapy with a notion coined “mirroring”. Mirroring is an early development process between child and a significant other (usually the mother) where the adult responds as a reflection to the child allowing them the opportunity to “see” who they are.  Ongoing, this leads the child to internalise these reflections and become an adult who has a sense of self based on the mirroring they received.

In our world, with parents returning to work sooner than ever before, with stressed out home lives and online based interactions, one can understand the havoc this plays on our maturing sense of self.

“I am journal”, is a workshop based on a years’ worth of research into how an individual develops a sense of who they are. It allows our conscious awake self and our unconscious motives to communicate and begin a narrative that can help us self-actualise.

Each session will begin with a 2 hour focused talking circle. We might break into pairs and explore topics such as childhood family roles, unspoken rules about speaking your mind, the shadow within, a self-portrait of my mind, what if i could…….. etc. We will deepen these topics and explore the emotional stories that lie within, the dramas that have held us back as well as the crusades that have propelled us forward.


Our lunch will be an hour long, community meal which will consist of a vegetable soup and bread. All other contributions are always welcome.

After lunch, we will sit in quiet spaces, surrounded by alternating mediums and explore the same theme as the morning – but creatively, the silence giving us time for our minds to wander and our hands to play.   Each participant will be given a beautiful blank journal which will, by the end of the course, be a wonderful archaeological expression of yourself.




For more information, please call or email me,

I look forward to sharing this special space with you – whoever you discover you are.