Mens forest group

This is a men’s circle that meets monthly on Friday evenings. Members commit to 6 meetings (and we contribute £15 per meeting), after which it reopens again for arrivals and departures if any.

The intention of the circle is to provide a space where men can get together and explore those issues that can be difficult to broach when alcohol or well-meaning but far-from-impartial family and friends are involved.  It seems that many men need a particular kind of space in order to truly express different sides to ourselves.

It takes place in the woods near Nutley, around a fire, just like men used to do for thousands of years… look what happened what we stopped doing this.

It is facilitated by Chris Packe but is NOT a therapy group.  Instead, we create together a safe but challenging space where we seek to walk our edges and experiment.

It has to be experienced rather than explained really, and it either calls to you or it doesn’t…

If it does, then do get in contact with Chris on 07730 493503 to find out more.

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